Well, I hope only in Texas. It seems that the hunting rules in Texas have been changed to allow blind hunters to use laser scopes. The reason is that a laser scope will give a cleaner kill and a more “productive harvest” to quote the article. Now I’m not a big fan of hunting but it does have it’s place but laser scopes take all the sport out of the hunt.

Wait….. did I type “blind hunters” up above? Yes I did. Eerrruummmmmm not to be insensitive, but BLIND HUNTERS! Hiking in the woods during hunting season is dangerous. Now throw hunters that can’t see into the mix. This just does not seem like a good idea. Laser scopes or no this is a disaster waiting to happen.

Currently, there are no requirements for legally blind hunters in Texas. All they need to hunt is a valid Texas hunting license. There is no requirement that they must be accompanied by anyone, either.


Kuempel, a game hunter for more than 50 years, said the use of laser sights means cleaner shots for blind hunters. The devices shoot a laser beam that highlights where the bullet will hit.

“It’s just going to make a much cleaner harvest,” Kuempel said. “And although we have a fair amount of legally blind people hunting now, this will get more blind people back into the outdoors, and that’s what I’m particularly interested in.”