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I think I’m going to cry….. This sucks! I need my beer!

Beer drinkers beware: Shortage to boost costs

Beer prices are likely to climb. How high is anybody’s guess. Craft brewers don’t have the means to hedge against rising prices, like their industrial rivals.

“I’m guessing, at a minimum, at least a 10 percent jump in beer prices for the average consumer before the end of the year,” said Terry Butler, brewmaster at central Washington’s Snipes Mountain.

Wow, he’s 68 today….. sigh, time does fly. Happy birthday!

Long live Python!

I just rec’d an email from amazon that my copy of Leopard has shipped. Yeah!!!! Now I just have to clean up my Macs to get them ready and stare out the window a lot looking for my box 🙂

Are you looking for an awesome story? Like crime fiction, action & suspense? Go check out Jack Wakes Up. I just finished it and loved every twist and turn along the way. You don’t have to listen to the first book to enjoy the second on but I do recommend it to get the whole story. Seth has become one of my favorite authors and I highly recommend his work. Now, I just have to wait for Palm Sunday so I can buy the first book from Amazon and add it to my collection. Oh yeah, I almost forgot….. I’m a Palms Daddy!

Wow, look what I found up on today…..

Yup, a pink Hello Kitty AK-47. For just over $1,000, GlamGuns will sell you this super-custom Hello Kitty AK-47 assault rifle. Comes with hand-crocheted shoulder-stock muffler. Uummmm wow. I’m not quite sure how to take this. Not quite sure what revolts me most….. actually, yeah I do. It’s the god awful pink color….

Oct 26th is the official release date… WooHoo!!!!

Well it happened. The day was finally here. Geek Squad just couldn’t resurrect my well loved and pretty reliable iPod. The defibrillator didn’t work and a 4 week coma commenced which ended in the inevitable flat line. Geek Squad said they truly understood my loss so it was a darn good thing that they had sold me the extended warranty. So with a sly smile, GS boy sent me over to the iPod counter.

As it turns out the warranty I had covered the price paid for my original iPod which was a huge surprise. Prices of iPods have come down just a tad in the last four years. So I let them keep my old friend a 4 year old, 40GB, 3rd Gen Black & White screen model and in return they gave me a brand spanking new 160GB iPod Classic which is color, displays videos and well….. it has an f’ing huge hard drive! Along with the pod I picked out a case and another 3yr warranty for good measure. I think it was a pretty fair trade 😀 Well, OK, I made out like a friggin bandit! Now I just need to keep my wife away from it or I may not have it for long 🙂

LOL, even death can’t take out good ‘ole Captain America 🙂 Well, it’s not really him, it’s a new person… but can’t you create a new character???? “But a character as iconic and important as Cap can never truly die.” What happened to creativity people? It’s not ALL about sticking to a formula is it? Sigh, bringing back the dead is one of the reasons I stopped reading mainstream comics 20 years ago. Well actually I think it was too many DC / Marvel crossovers that really killed comics for me. Don’t get me wrong, I read a LOT of comics and graphic novels, just not from the terrible twosome….

Steve Rogers, the Sentinel of Liberty, was cut down in a hail of gunfire in March’s CAPTAIN AMERICA #25. And whether or not you agree with the decision, he’s still dead. But a character as iconic and important as Cap can never truly die. Who better to reimagine Cap for a new age, a new character, a new costume, than Alex Ross? Working closely with Ed Brubaker, Steve Epting and Tom Brevoort, Captain America makes his return—or debut, if you prefer—in January’s CAPTAIN AMERICA #34.

So why did it take nine months to reinstate Captain America? Rest assured, it was all in the cards. “This was always the plan, to have—with issue #34, halfway through the whole big, ‘Death of Captain America’ epic story—[a new Cap],” explains Brubaker. “So, you know, it’s all very, very planned out, believe it or not. [Laughs] I have an extensive notebook that I sometimes lose. [Laughs] Which is kind of traumatic.”