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I have played with this script and love it. I figured I would share link to other you hate the Google defaults.

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After 26 years, the beloved children’s show hosted by LeVar Burton will disappear from the airwaves. Today, educational funding favors programs that teach kids how to read, rather than why to read.

By Mark Wilson, 12:00 PM on Wed Jul 29 2009, 10,970 views (Edit, to draft, Slurp)

When we originally heard about Star Trek cologne, we were a bit skeptical that the musk would actually come to fruition. Now, it’s with the greatest joy that we report “Red ShirtStar Trek Cologne cologne is available for purchase.

Named after the brave red-shirted men to appear on one episode of Star Trek only to take a vaporizer in the chest for Captain Kirk, ThinkGeek describes the new cologne’s scent as “bright, clean and direct with top notes of green mandarin, bergamot and a hint of lavender, finishing with base notes of leather and grey musk.” The 100ml bottle runs $30. And we’re guessing it could be somewhat effective in your dating life should you wear it in substitute of your typical Star Trek uniform. [ThinkGeek via CrunchGear]

Found this on Gizmodo. Interesting concept, but Red Shirt? That’s the cannon fodder of the show!


Application Name Version URL Compatibility Status Notes
1Password 2.x OK.png OK Needs 32-bit Safari and edit SupportBrowsers.plist. Details in this post.
1Password 3.0b OK.png OK 64-bit
1001 UNKNOWN.png Unknown
A Better Finder Rename 8.27 OK.png OK
Acorn 1.5.3 OK.png OK
Acquisition UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Adium 1.3.6 OK.png OK
Adobe CS2 Suite WARNING.png Not working PPC Only Binary, Possibly supported under rosetta.
Adobe CS3 Suite OK.png OK Minor bugs in Photoshop and Dreamweaver
Adobe CS4 Suite OK.png OK Many report that CS4 works fine. One person reports that Dreamweaver CS4 crashes, often when inserting objects, photos
Adobe Acrobat Professional UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Adobe Lightroom 1 UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Adobe Lightroom 2 2.4 OK.png OK
Adobe Photoshop Elements NO.png NO After restoring from Time Machine app gives a licence error
Adobe Reader 9.1.3 OK.png OK
Afloat NO.png NO Seems to install Pref Pane OK, but that’s it.
Age of Empires 3 1.0.4 UNKNOWN.png Unknown Someone please test that would be awesome
Alarm Clock OK.png Unknown Works fine with 10.6
Alkaline UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Amadeus Pro UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Amazon MP£ Downloader UNKNOWN.png Unknown
aMSN NO.png NO The official version doesn’t work, but you can download the 0.98 bet for mac from:
Anki UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Aperture 2.1.3 OK.png OK
AppCleaner OK.png OK
AppDelete 2.0.2 OK.png OK
AppFresh 0.8.4 OK.png OK
Applejack NO.png NO
Apple Motion 3.0 OK.png OK
Apple Motion 4.0 OK.png OK
AppTrapp UNKNOWN.png Unknown Could someone test this?
AppZapper 1.8 OK.png OK
ArtDirectotsToolkit 5.2 OK.png OK
Audacity 1.3.8b OK.png OK
AudialHub OK.png OK
Audio Hijack 2.2.6 UNKNOWN.png Unknown Rogue Amoeba no longer supports this program
Audio Hijack Pro 2.9.2 OK.png OK See
Audio Recorder 3.2 UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Audiobook Maker UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Aurora UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Awaken OK.png OK
BBEdit 9.2.1 OK.png OK
Backdrop UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Backup Bouncer NO.png NO ctool lib is broken. But should be easy to fix.
basICColor display 4.1.14 OK.png OK
Bean 2.3.1 OK.png OK
Bento 2 OK.png OK a bit flaky when restoring from backup
BetterZip 1.8.1 OK.png OK
Billings UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Blogo UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Bookends 10.5.6 UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Boxee WARNING.png Almost OK Playing video_ts folders (DVD rips) crashes app
Bowtie 1.0 beta 2 WARNING.png Almost OK Some skins won’t work. Bowlet disappears after waking up your Mac.
Brightness Control OK.png OK
Burn 2.3u UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Butler 4.1.6 WARNING.png Almost Some custom icons not displayed
Caffeine 1.0.4 OK.png OK
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 1.7.549 OK.png OK Single- and Multiplayer working!
Camfrog Video Chat 1.9 OK.png OK
Camino 1.6.8 OK.png OK
Camino 2.0 b3 OK.png OK
CandyBar 3.2 OK.png OK
Capture One 4.8 OK.png OK
Carbon Copy Cloner OK.png OK
Celestia 1.6.0 OK.png OK
Celtx 2.0.2 UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Cha-Ching 2.0b99 beta build 340 UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Chax NO.png NO
Check Off 4.0 OK.png OK 64-bit
CheckPoint SecureClient NO.png NO Will not load, however, IPSecuritas (alternate product) works fine, and will connect to Checkpoint VPN-1
Chicken of the VNC UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Cisco VPN Client 4.9 0180 OK.png OK 4.9 0100 does not work
Citrix ICA Client 10.00.600 OK.png OK 32-bit
Chmox UNKNOWN.png Unknown
ChronoSync OK.png OK
Civilization IV 1.74 UNKNOWN.png Unknown Someone please test that would be awesome
ClamXav NO.png NO quits on launching
CleanApp 3.1.6 OK.png OK
CleanMyMac OK.png OK
ClickToFlash OK.png OK
CLIX UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Cocktail 4.4.1 UNKNOWN.png Unknown, but unlikely Made for Leopard, so unlikely. Can someone confirm?
Coda OK.png OK
Collins Dictionary UNKNOWN.png Unknown
CocoaMySQL UNKNOWN.png Unknown not available (see Sequel Pro)
Colloquy OK.png OK
Color Schemer Studio UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Comic Life 1.5 OK.png OK
Concentrate 1.0.2 OK.png OK
Contactizer OK.png OK Current Contactizer 3.8 public beta is fully compatible
ConceptDraw Pro v8.0.5.2 NO.png NO launch and works, but verу unstable, crashes every 1-3 minutes
ContentBarrier X5 10.5.5 OK.png OK
CoRD 0.5 OK.png OK
CoverSutra 2.2b3 OK.png OK
CrashPlan UNKNOWN.png Unknown
CronniX UNKNOWN.png Unknown
CrossOver 8.0.0 OK.png OK Requiers X11. See here:
CrossOver Games 7.x OK.png OK Requires some Terminal work for it to run. See this support thread:
CSSEdit OK.png OK
CuteFTP UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Curio UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Cyberduck 3.2.1 NO.png NO
Cyberduck 3.3a1 OK.png OK Version 3.3 alpha 1 of Cyberduck works on Snow Leopard! More details here: Careful, it’s alpha quality. (via @JoeKun)

Backup for Mac's

Application Name Version URL Compatibility Status Notes
DarwiinRemote UNKNOWN.png Unknown
DataBackup 3.05 NO.png NOT working
DBDroplet UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Deep UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Default Folder X 4.3 OK.png OK
Delish UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Delicious Library 2 2.2b OK.png OK 2.2 beta OK
Diabetes Logbook X 1.5.3 OK.png OK
DiffMerge UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Disco UNKNOWN.png Unknown 1.03 OK.png OK
Disc Inventory X 1.0 NO.png NO
DiskWarrior 4.1 NO.png NO But 4.2 Works fine!
Double Command 1.6.7 OK.png OK
DragThing 5.9.4 OK.png OK
Drive Genius 2 OK.png OK
Dropbox WARNING.png Some problems has a bug, when you have files in the public folder you can no longer right click and “copy public URL”, the Dropbox menu no longer shows up in the right click menu.
DropDMG 2.8.5 OK.png OK
DVD Remaster 5.2.1 OK.png OK
DynDNS Updater 2.3 NO.png NO Daemon won’t launch automatically
EagleFiler 1.4.8 OK.png OK
eclipse UNKNOWN.png Unknown
ecto 3 UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Electricsheep NO.png NO
Emailchemy UNKNOWN.png Unknown
EndNote X2 OK.png OK
Epson Printing software UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Espresso OK.png Ok
EventBox OK.png Ok
Evernote WARNING.png Almost OK Spotlight integration not working properly, synching issues as well
ExpanDrive 2.02b WARNING.png Buggy buggy- update coming
Exif Untrasher UNKNOWN.png Unknown
ExifViewer 2.6 OK.png OK
Eye-Fi Manager UNKNOWN.png Unknown
EyeTV 3.1.2 (5237) OK.png OK
Fallout II NO.png NO Video broken on WWDC build
Feeder UNKNOWN.png Unknown
fennel DVDManager Pro 2.x OK.png OK
Fetch OK.png OK Works like a charm.
ffmpegX UNKNOWN.png Unknown Will someone please test this one?
FileMagnet UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Filemaker Pro v10 OK.png OK
FileZilla 3.2 OK.png OK
Final Cut Express 4.0 OK.png OK
Final Draft 7 UNKNOWN.png Unknown Will require Rosetta
Final Draft 8 OK.png OK
Fink UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Firefox 3.5.2 OK.png OK
Fission 1.6.2 OK.png Ok
FlexColor 4.8.5 OK.png OK
Flip4Mac OK.png OK 32-bit
Flip4Mac OK.png OK
Flock UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Fluid OK.png OK
FluidTunes UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Forklift NO.png Not compatible an update is coming
FormulatePro UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Folx UNKNOWN.png Unknown Would be great if someone could test this download manager.
FontExplorer X Pro 2.0.2 OK.png OK
Free Ruler UNKNOWN.png Unknown
FreeNX NO.png NO
Fresh UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Frostwire 4.18.1 OK.png OK
Fruit Menu NO.png NO
Fugu OK.png OK
FuseFS UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Garmin WebUpdater UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Genius UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Get Tube 4.01 OK.png OK
Gimp 2.6.7 UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Gizmo Project UNKNOWN.png Unknown
GlimmerBlocker OK.png OK
Glims 1b20 WARNING.png Almost works Runs in 32-bit, but doesn’t show up in Safari preferences.
Google Earth OK.png OK
Google Gears NO.png No According to the Mailplane team
Google Picasa UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Google Quick Search Box OK.png OK
Google SketchUp 6 UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Google SketchUp 7 OK.png Ok
Google AppEngineLauncher UNKNOWN.png Unknown
GoToMeeting UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Grisbi 0.5.9 UNKNOWN.png Unknown Thanks if someone can test it
Growl 1.1.6 WARNING.png Almost OK Sometimes works, spews memory leaks in console, pref pane loads in 32-bit mode)
Handbrake OK.png OK
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix UNKNOWN.png Unknown Someone please test that would be awesome
Hazel 2.3.2 OK.png OK
Hotspot Shield UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Hulu Desktop OK.png OK

Application Name Version URL Compatibility Status Notes
iAlertU WARNING.png Almost Working Crashes when alarm is triggered
iBank 3.0 OK.png Seems OK “…we won’t be seriously testing for compatibility until a GM version is available. We are committed to making iBank 3 compatible with Mac OS X 10.6, but we can’t guarantee it will be ready as soon as Snow Leopard is released.”
iBiz UNKNOWN.png iBiz Client and iBiz Server
iColorDisplay OK.png OK
iDefrag TOBW UNKNOWN.png Unknown
ies4osx UNKNOWN.png Unknown
iFlash UNKNOWN.png Unknown
iUsage OK.png OK
iView MediaPro 3.1.1 OK.png OK
info.Xhead 1.4 NO.png NO
Inquisitor NO.png NO Installs, but doesn’t show up in Safari preferences.
InsomniaX OK.png OK
Isolator 4.0 UNKNOWN.png Unknown
iPlayer Downloader 3.3 OK.png OK
iPlayMusic UNKNOWN.png Unknown
iPhone Configuration Utility UNKNOWN.png Unknown
iSale 4 UNKNOWN.png Unknown
iSale 5 UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Isolator UNKNOWN.png Unknown
iStat Menus NO.png NO An update will be released very soon with new features and Snow Leopard compatibility.
iStat Pro 4.9 OK.png OK
iStat Server OK.png OK
iStopMotion UNKNOWN.png Unknown
iStumbler NO.png NO Fails to detect any wireless networks.
iSubtitle OK.png OK
iToner 2.1.3 OK.png OK
iWow NO.png NO
JES Deinterlacer v3.0 UNKNOWN.png Unknown
jGRASP OK.png OK need to download & install Rosetta.
Jing UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Journler UNKNOWN.png Unknown
JollyFastVNC OK.png OK
JungleDisk 2.62a OK.png OK V2.62a seems to work
Keep Your Word 1.6 OK.png OK
KeyCue 4.4 OK.png Ok
Keyboard Cleaner UNKNOWN.png Unknown
KeyWurl OK.png Ok 32-bit only. Little buggy, but works.
KisMAC 0.2.99 OK.png OK
launch2net (Nova Media) 1.88 OK.png OK
LaunchBar 5.0RC3 OK.png OK Tested and working!
LazyMouse 2.1.8 OK.png OK 32Bit
Leap UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Leopard Cache Cleaner NO.png NO
Lightsoft Weather Center UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Line 6 Monkey NO.png NOT working
Lingon UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Linkinus 1.x NO.png NOT working
Linkinus 2.0.1 WARNING.png Works in Rosetta mode only. 2.0.2 with full Snow Leopard support coming soon. Details
Linotype FontExplorer X 1.2.2 OK.png OK
LittleSnapper 1.5.1 OK.png OK
Little Snitch 2.1.4 OK.png OK
LivescribeDesktop WARNING.png Mostly works Audio playback OK, some page lines missing
Livestation OK.png OK
Logitech Control Center 3.0 WARNING.png Manual Install Select “Show Package Contents” for the Logitech Control Center Installer. Navigate to Contents > Resources > Logitech Control Center.mpkg and open the installer.
Logmein OK.png Working
mAC3dec UNKNOWN.png Unknown
MacFuse 2.0.3 OK.png OK 32-bit only
MacJournal UNKNOWN.png Unknown
MacKeyHoleTV OK.png OK
MacPAR deLuxe OK.png OK
Macromedia FreeHand MX 11.0.2 UNKNOWN.png Unknown Will need optional Rosetta installation, but as yet untested
MacMassMailer UNKNOWN.png Unknown
MacPorts UNKNOWN.png Depends on the port Read the report
MacPython 2.5 UNKNOWN.png Unknown
MacSudoku UNKNOWN.png Unknown
MacTeX 2008 UNKNOWN.png Unknown
MacTF UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Mac The Ripper MTR OK.png OK
magick-installer OK.png OK
Magnifique NO.png Not working
Mailplane 2.1-beta OK.png OK Use the beta version
Mailtags NO.png Not working New version of MailTags is scheduled to be released next week after Snow Leopard is released that will work on Leopard and Snow Leopard.
MAMP OK.png OK note clashing info
MAMP UNKNOWN.png Unknown note clashing info
Maple 12 UNKNOWN.png Unknown
MarcoPolo OK.png OK Works well, but the current version of Snow Leopard has sporadic problems with networking configuration.
MarsEdit 2.3.3 OK.png OK
MassReplaceIt UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Mathematica 7.0.1 OK.png OK
Max 0.8.1 NO.png Not working app will run but won’t encode files properly, also the “Formats” section in Preferences does not load properly (therefore cannot select other codecs)
Medialink OK.png OK
Mellel UNKNOWN.png Unknown
MenuCalendarClock iCal UNKNOWN.png Unknown
MenuMeters 1.3 NO.png Not working prefpane does not load. Public beta w/ fixes due out shortly after OSX 10.6 public release.
MetaX UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Microsoft Messenger 7.0 UNKNOWN.png OK
Microsoft Mouse 7.0 OK.png OK

Backup for Mac's

Application Name Version URL Compatibility Status Notes
Microsoft Office 2004 UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Microsoft Office 2008 OK.png OK One user reports that “every app is terribly slow to start and lags afterwards. Its unacceptably slow!” (supposedly much better with SP1)
Minefield UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Miro OK.png OK
Monolingual OK.png OK
Moody UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Mozy 1.4 image-3609836-10553716 OK.png OK
Mouseposé UNKNOWN.png Unknown
MPEGStreamclip OK.png OK
Mplayer OSX Extended rev11 OK.png OK
MT-NewsWatcher UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Multi-clutch WARNING.png Maybe Needs to be re-installed after upgrade. Only works with 32-bit apps, or apps running in 32-bit mode
Name Mangler UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Nambu NO.png NOT working
NanoCount UNKNOWN.png Unknown
NeoOffice WARNING.png Maybe Not changing this entry, because it obviously did not work for SOMEONE… but NeoOffice works fine for me.
Net Monitor UNKNOWN.png Unknown
NetBarrier X5 10.5.4 OK.png OK
NetNewsWire 3.2 UNKNOWN.png Unknown
NetNewsWire 3.2b14 OK.png OK
NetNewsWire 4.0 OK.png OK NetNewsWire 4.0 will require Snow Leopard
NicePlayer UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Nikon Software UNKNOWN.png Unknown
Nocturne UNKNOWN.png Unknown
NodeToad NO.png Not working menu bar app opens, but then crashes
Nokia Multimedia Transfer <i

LOL, I don’t know what else to say 😀

This is a great article by Leo Babauta. Please visit his sit at and subscribe to his feed or pick up one of his books. Good stuff!