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As a former business traveler I must say that this is a great idea!  I really could have used this on many occasions.  Not sure how well it would work, but you can’t beat the portability when every once counts.

The Jelly Click takes mouse portability to the extreme. All the electronic circuity lives on a small flexible board. The body itself is just soft plastic. Whenever you need a mouse, blow up the Jelly Click, attach the USB cable and you’re good to go.  As a bonus, it’s a total floaty for you swimming challenged people.

Source [Yanko Design] via [Gizmodo]

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Take a look at this picture…. yes, it is real!  I’m not sure if this is truly genius or a sign of the coming of the end of humanity.  Would you eat it?  I would love to try this… once, just to say that I had.  This is just too weird an item to pass up on 🙂

LINK to the site where you can purchase.

Wow!  This is truly harsh!  I was going through reviews of a new song on iTunes and here is a screenshot of of one of them……  Click if the comment is cut off on your screen…

Got to hand it to farmers.  They alway make the mot of what they have and as a rule, they only follow there own rules.  It’s a good survival instinct that has been honed over many generations. One farmer in the UK has taken this to extremes.  In a span of two years he built in secrecy a castle.  Yes, a castle!  LOL, I love it!


 Hiding a needle in a haystack is easy enough.

But Robert Fidler kept something much bigger concealed among the piles of straw down on his farm… a castle.

Over the course of two years, he managed to secretly – and unlawfully – build the imposing mock Tudor structure in one of his fields, shielded behind a 40ft stack of hay bales covered by a huge tarpaulins.

Awesome… just awesome!

Well, if this isn’t pretty solid proof of evolution and natural selection I don’t know what is.  Evolution, it takes thousands and thousands of years to make the smallest change, right?  Nope.  Apparently a change has been noticed in elephant tusk size in less that 150 years.  The theory is that elephants are getting smaller tusks as a survival mechanism due to poaching and Ivory harvesting.  Ya see….. mother nature DOES know what it’s doing 🙂


The average size of an African elephant’s tusks has gone down by half in the last century and a half. Indian elephants have undergone a similar tusk size reduction.

Experts believe the rapid evolution of the massive land mammals is due to poaching. Zoologists from Oxford University suggest that ivory poachers, who go for the largest males with the largest tusks, have caused the breeding behaviors of the animals to change rapidly in a short time.

The largest male African elephants have the largest tusks. These tusks are extremely important in elephant behavior, with the largest tusks usually resulting in more successful intimidation of smaller males or winning fights for female elephants. But when the largest animals are killed, it changes the breeding patterns of the animals. In short, without the largest males for competition, the smaller males with their smaller tusks will breed more successfully, and their offspring will have smaller tusks.

Here is a roundup of various thoughts and events that have occurred lately in my life….

TiVo!  Our new TiVo rocks!  It is making my life so much easier.  I’m actually able to watch TV again.  Working nights and having Red Toddler home with me during the day means I was really only watching kids shows.  I missed adult TV!  I have also learned how to “successfully” transfer TiVo shows to my laptop for viewing at work.  I say “successful” since the process is quirky and only works 95% of the time, but it does work enough and I love the feature.  Now if only the writers strike was over and we started getting some non-reality shows back.

Celebrity Rehab.  I’ve watched two episodes of the show.  I can’t say I like it, but it has defiantly become a must see show for me.  I am routing for everyone on this show and hope they all live.  Yes live, Jeff Conway almost died on the first episode.  This show is better than any DARE program I saw while in Jr. High.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  This show is everything I hoped that Bionic Woman would be!  It’s awesome!  They story line is solid, the acting is very good and it’s hard to find any flaws with this Sci-Fi show.  The show only has one strike against it.  It is on Fox Network.  As we all know, Fox kills Sci-Fi shows.  Think Firefly…..

Weight Watchers.  WW is going pretty well so far.  I have lost 6 pounds since starting and 1 notch in my belt.  Now I need a new belt since I am just about out of notches 🙂  Yay!

Work.  Work sucks.  Am I still getting laied off?  Yep, sure am.  When?  Weeellllll that’s the million dollar question.  I have no idea.  We STILL have not been given a date which makes future planning oh so easy.  We still are being told sometime at the end of Feb but others who are at the same level are saying we may be extended till the end of March.  Great, even the Leads don’t know.  To make it even better, our work lease is up on Jan 31st.  HHuummmmmmmmmm

Therapy.  One of Red Toddlers therapists  is pissing me off.  She has been here three times and has not made a good impression on me.  Week 1 – initial meet she was late.  The next week she took off for the holiday, well the holiday was on Monday, but she was still off on Thursday.  Next week, death in the family.  Next week 45 min late with no explanation and last week?????  Late again.  I am not amused.  If she’s late again this week I may tell her not to bother coming and have another person assigned to us.

OK, I’m going to end this now and save the rest of my thoughts for later today or tomorrow….


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Changes at SciFi Channel! The SciFi channel has a new director of programing. David Howe will be taking over the role from Bonnie Hammer. I’m psyched about this! I know, your saying to yourself “Who the hell cares?” Well, you should and here’s why. Bonnie Hammer used to do a good job with programming, in fact she helped get the SciFi channel where it is today but as of late her decions have been a little odd. Most of the movies she has approved lately have sucked. Flat out, just really really bad movies, great mini-series, but bad movies… ie Mansquito. Another odd decision? ECW, wrestling just does not belong on the SciFi channel. Well, heres hoping for some good changes in the coming year!


  Seems that the Oklahoma State Troopers are cleaning up a problem on our highways.  In my mind, one of the largest problems and a huge pet peeve of mine.  Just about every state has laws that you will keep right except to pass.  Finally it’s getting enforced!  Yay!!!!  The staties are pulling over the rude drivers and giving them the tickets that they should have always been given.  The “left lane dicks” as a friend of mine is fond of saying cause lots of accidents every year just by being there and forcing people to go around them on the right with other slower moving traffic.  Good for OK!  Now, I just wish NJ would follow suit!