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This is the Simpsons opening redone in the style of Star Wars….. enjoy!

Holy crow people…. for as much as MS says that Vista is the best OS ever, reports are coming in that SP1 will be over 1GB in size and need 7GB free to install! All patches no new apps. WOW! That’s a LOT of bug fixes! LOL, and people still keep asking me why I won’t use Vista….


I am so loving this podcast!!!! It’s like Dexter, but better 🙂 Go check it out but be warned, it is very graphic and is not for everybody….

Diary of a Madman

Just came across an Apple Event announcement up on the Macworld site. Guess I’ll be hovering on the interwebs all day that Wed.

As if George was reading my mind about being/feeling old……..

Being Five go visit George!

OK, it’s really official now… I’m old. I may have two young kids. I may feel like I am perpetually in the 90’s, but I’m old. Sigh. It seems that the incoming freshmen at colleges this year were born in 1989. I graduated High School in 1989. Just wanna cry.

To quote the great Willie Nelson “Mommas don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys beauty pageant contestants”

Wow! Oh yeah, she came in 4th

OK, it’s Monday morning 8AM, I had last night off and just slept for 12 hours. Hummmm how to wake up AND confuse my kids. Why, put on the UBER-geekzendaddy costume and make ’em dance to bad youtube Star Trek videos of course 😀 Yes, they think I’m insane,but they love it….

First up….. Rocky Horror…. Time Warp

let’s slow down with a little Gloria Gainer

some Summer Nights

and finally my 2yr olds fav…. I’m too sexxy! LOL

Check this out…. Monty Python bobble heads!

I saw these up at ThinkGeek.  This looks like a must have for those Python Geeks out there, myself included 🙂  A steal at only $10 a pop.

OMG…. 2 of my favorite artists + 1 of my favorite songs = 3 thumbs up 😀