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ipod100mmbackground.jpg Today Apple announce that they have sold over 100 million iPods! Holy crow!

100 Million iPods Sold

CUPERTINO, California—April 9, 2007—Apple® today announced that the 100 millionth iPod® has been sold, making the iPod the fastest selling music player in history. The first iPod was sold five and a half years ago, in November 2001, and since then Apple has introduced more than 10 new iPod models, including five generations of iPod, two generations of iPod mini, two generations of iPod nano and two generations of iPod shuffle. Along with iTunes® and the iTunes online music store, the iPod has transformed how tens of millions of music lovers acquire, manage and listen to their music.

“At this historic milestone, we want to thank music lovers everywhere for making iPod such an incredible success,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “iPod has helped millions of people around the world rekindle their passion for music, and we’re thrilled to be a part of that.”

“It’s hard to remember what I did before the iPod,” said Mary J. Blige, GRAMMY Award-winning singer. “iPod is more than just a music player, it’s an extension of your personality and a great way to take your favorite music with you everywhere you go.”

“Without the iPod, the digital music age would have been defined by files and folders instead of songs and albums,” said John Mayer, GRAMMY Award-winning singer-songwriter and guitarist. “Though the medium of music has changed, the iPod experience has kept the spirit of what it means to be a music lover alive.”

The iPod has also sparked an unprecedented ecosystem of over 4,000 accessories made specifically for the iPod that range from fashionable cases to speaker systems, and more than 70 percent of 2007-model US automobiles currently offer iPod connectivity.

Well, I hope only in Texas. It seems that the hunting rules in Texas have been changed to allow blind hunters to use laser scopes. The reason is that a laser scope will give a cleaner kill and a more “productive harvest” to quote the article. Now I’m not a big fan of hunting but it does have it’s place but laser scopes take all the sport out of the hunt.

Wait….. did I type “blind hunters” up above? Yes I did. Eerrruummmmmm not to be insensitive, but BLIND HUNTERS! Hiking in the woods during hunting season is dangerous. Now throw hunters that can’t see into the mix. This just does not seem like a good idea. Laser scopes or no this is a disaster waiting to happen.

Currently, there are no requirements for legally blind hunters in Texas. All they need to hunt is a valid Texas hunting license. There is no requirement that they must be accompanied by anyone, either.


Kuempel, a game hunter for more than 50 years, said the use of laser sights means cleaner shots for blind hunters. The devices shoot a laser beam that highlights where the bullet will hit.

“It’s just going to make a much cleaner harvest,” Kuempel said. “And although we have a fair amount of legally blind people hunting now, this will get more blind people back into the outdoors, and that’s what I’m particularly interested in.”

WTF?????? What kind of world do we live in when charity is a crime? This is just wrong on so many levels…..

US man arrested for feeding homeless

Police in the United States city of Florida have arrested an activist for feeding the homeless in downtown Orlando.

According to police, Food Not Bombs charity group spokesman Eric Montanez was charged with violating a controversial law against feeding large groups of destitute people in the city centre.

Mr Montanez was filmed by undercover officers on Wednesday as he served “30 unidentified persons food from a large pot utilising a ladle,” an arrest affidavit said.

The Orlando area is home to Disney World and Universal Studios Florida.

The Orlando law, which is supported by local business owners who say the homeless drive away customers, has been challenged in court by civil rights groups.

It allows charities to feed more than 25 people at a time within 3.2 kilometres of the Orlando City Hall only if they have a special permit.

They are able to receive two permits a year.

Police have collected a vial of the stew Mr Montanez was serving as evidence.

Police spokeswoman Barbara Jones says it is the first time anyone had been arrested under the feeding ban.

Mr Montanez has been charged with a misdemeanour.

zen-circle.jpg One day, Baso, a Zen student, was doing Zazen, sitting meditation. Then, Nagaku, a Zen master, came to the place where Baso was doing Zazen. The teacher asked Baso, “What are you doing?”
Baso answered, “I am doing zazen. I am trying to become a Buddha.”
Then, the Zen master Nagaku picked up a piece of clay tile—a tile made of dirt—and started to polish it up. Seeing this, Baso asked the teacher, “Zen master, what are you doing?”
The master answered, “I am trying to transform this clay tile into a shining mirror.” The student was surprised and said, “Oh, my teacher, how could you transform a clay tile into a brightly shining mirror? How is it possible to make a mirror out of a clay tile?”
Then, the teacher immediately said, “But aren’t you doing the same thing? Aren’t you trying to transform yourself into a Buddha? If I cannot transform a tile make of dirt into a shining mirror, how could you transform yourself into a Buddha? How could you become a Buddha?”

You Should Get An Asian Inspired Tattoo

Mysterious and expressive
You like to show off, but you also like to keep some allure

Yeah, ok so it doesn’t. The US govt in there infinite wisdom decided to change it this year. This change screwed up tons of IT equipment and freaked out an entire industry. Thats ok, it’s all in the name of saving power. Most of my older electronics were screwed up until this week. I sucked it up, saving the environment is good. Well, ok it’s good if it works. It seems that we didn’t save a damn thing, all we did was throw lots of stuff into mass chaos and actually break a LOT of hardware. My company still has lots of servers that never came back from the Microsoft patch. Thanks guys 😦 GGGGGrrrrrrrrrrrr

Daylight Saving Change Saved No Power

“Results from energy companies are coming in, and the word is that moving Daylight Saving Time forward three weeks had no measurable impact on power consumption. The attempt by the US Congress to make it look like they were doing something about the energy crisis has been exposed as the waste it is. But the new DST is probably here to stay — letting the bill expire would mean re-patching a lot of systems again next year. So much for saving energy.”

Today is International Children’s Book Day.  Go buy a book and don’t forget to read to your kids if they are still young enough.  You should read to them as much as possible anyway, but we don’t live in a perfect world so make a special effort today.  After all, it’s for the kids!

International Children’s Book Day
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Since 1967, on or around Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday, April 2, International Children’s Book Day is celebrated to inspire a love of reading and call attention to children’s books. The event is sponsored by IBBY, The International Board on Books for Young People, a non-profit organization which represents an international network of people from all over the world who are committed to bringing books and children together.

Each year, the International Children’s Book Day celebration allows one of their 60 National Sections the opportunity to be the international sponsor of International Children’s Book Day. The host National Section decides upon a theme and invites a prominent author from the host country to create a message for the celebration and a well-known illustrator to design a poster.

International Children’s Book Day celebrations across the world involve the holding of special events that may include encounters with authors and illustrators, writing competitions, or announcements of book awards.

  Wow, finally an advance that helps people 🙂  I donate blood as often as I am able and know that there is always a shortage.  The largest portion of the shortage is always O.  O, you know… the “universal” blood type.  Now we can make O from the other types is awesome!  This is going to save many many lives….


Scientists have developed a way of converting one blood group into another.

The technique potentially enables blood from groups A, B and AB to be converted into group O, which can be safely transplanted into any patient.

The method, which makes use of newly discovered enzymes, may help relieve shortages of blood for transfusions.

The work, led by the University of Copenhagen, is reported in the journal Nature Biotechnology.


OK, this has been stuck in my head for a few days now. Maybe it’s a sign that Gene Simmons needs me personally to go out and buy Kiss stuff to help him pay for something. 🙂 Or maybe…. just spread the word. OK, I’ll go with that. Alright, everyone go out, right now, and buy at least 1 of something to make Gene happy. I have dibbs on a hat 🙂

God Gave Rock ‘n’ Roll To You II

God gave rock and roll to you, gave rock and roll to you
Put it in the soul of everyone
Do you know what you want? You don’t know for sure
You don’t feel right, you can’t find a cure
And you’re gettin’ less than what you’re lookin’ for

You don’t have money or a fancy car
And you’re tired of wishin’ on a falling star
You gotta put your faith in a loud guitar

God gave rock and roll to you, gave rock and roll to you
Gave rock and roll to everyone (oh yeah)
God gave rock and roll to you, gave rock and roll to you
Put it in the soul of everyone

“Now listen”
If you wanna be a singer, or play guitar
Man, you gotta sweat or you won’t get far
Cause it’s never too late to work nine-to-five

You can take a stand, or you can compromise
You can work real hard or just fantasize
But you don’t start livin’ till you realize – “I gotta tell ya!”

God gave rock and roll to you, gave rock and roll to you
Gave rock and roll to everyone
God gave rock and roll to you, gave rock and roll to you
Put it in the soul

(Instrumental break)

God gave rock and roll to you (to everyone he gave the song to be sung)
Gave rock and roll to you, gave rock and roll to everyone

God gave rock and roll to you (to everyone he gave the song to be sung)
Gave rock and roll to you, saved rock and roll for everyone
Saved rock and roll

chorus repeats out…

“I know life sometimes can get tough! And I know life sometimes can be a drag!
But people, we have been given a gift, we have been given a road
And that road’s name is… Rock and Roll!”

Copywrite – Kiss