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Remember that rule of one person one vote? Check out your elected officials in action! 😦 This makes me really angry!!!!

There are a LOT of sad people out there today. The iPhone was updated to version 1.1.1 which has been affectionately dubbed iScrewed. You know all of those unlocked iPhones? Well they might be dead. Apple has warned several times over the last week or so that a new update may prevent unlocking they even put this in the installer for the update…

“If you have modified your iPhone’s Software, applying this software update may result in your iPhone becoming permanently inoperable.”

In conjunction to stopping the unlocks (which is LEGAL!) the update kills all 3rd party apps. So fanboys, you were warned…. but it still sucks! Guess my plans to get one soon are gone because I refuse to use AT&T….

link to one of many irate articles….

The iTunes store is in trouble. Yesterday Amazon put there MP3 store into Beta. I tried it, I like it, and unless iTunes ups the ante I will be buying at Amazon from now on. So, what’s so different? Well Amazon MP3’s are 256kbps with no DRM and cheaper. That means higher quality sound and they can be played on ANY MP3 player or PC. When you buy from iTunes you are locked into an account that you must log into and into iPods only.

The store itself is clean and easy to navigate just like the rest of Amazon. I purchased two albums from them with great results. One was not in the iTunes store at all and the other was $3.00 cheaper. You can not beat that! Now, lets see how Apple responds 🙂

Wow, the largest Lego set ever has been released. It’s 5000 pieces and costs $400. Oh yeah and the instruction binder weighs 4lbs! Introducing the Ultimate Collectors Millennium Falcon. WOW!

found via Gizmodo.. more pics there

Watched the season premiere of Heroes last night… awesome was the only word for it! They jumped right into the action and there were LOTS of surprises to be had for all 🙂 If you have ANY interest in this show or SciFi in general I strongly suggest going to the NBC web site and watching the episode while its there for free!

I watched the Family Guy Star Wars special last night. OMG, this was one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time. Here is a clip of the first part of the show…. rest are also up on Youtube.

My new/used Gameboy came in today from eBay. It looks just like the one pictured in this post. This was my birthday present to me. I never do that, but I have been having such a rough time lately that I figured a diversion was in order. I ordered a Nintendo Advance SP not the new DS that’s in stores now. Why? Well I spent 1/2 the money and if I wind up not using it and giving it to my kid it won’t be such a loss if he breaks it 🙂

So far played Castlevania and Pacman for approx 3 hours today 🙂

Happy Birthday to Me!

Santa Ana household recoups 35% of its income after ditching ailing auto for bicycles and greener lifestyle.


SANTA ANA – He didn’t set out to enter the Great Debate of our time. He stumbled onto it – with a crazy question.

In fact, Erick Cave expected his wife to reply: “Are you insane?”

As usual, he was driving her to work. As usual, their daughter and three dogs were riding in back. As usual, their 1987 Volvo was acting up. Again.

Last year, they dumped a couple grand into repairs. Then in January it cost another grand, which Jessica borrowed from her dad. Now, as they drove up Flower Street to the freeway, it was sputtering.

Great, thought Erick. What’ll it cost this time? He did some quick calculations, and that’s when the idea popped into his head. It sat there, grinning at him. Daring him.