I have been exercising with my Wii for a while now. I’m too cheap to join a gym and even if I wasn’t my schedule doesn’t allow the time. On the recommendation of my wife I picked up Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout. She watched this crazy guy on YouTube who reviewed it and lost a bunch of weight. The crazy guy was spot on!

I have to say this “game” really is a workout for me. I’m not the most active guy, in fact I sit at a desk 9 -10 hours a day at work so any cardio wears me out. Playing Gold’s Gym for 45 min really gets a sweat going. Lots and lots of sweat. The game starts with standard boxing punches and moves onto combos and ducking / weaving. The instructor led sessions are fun and pretty well designed. The game is very customizable and has enough options to keep any procrastinator happy 😉

I have played long enough to unlock a few new exercises and new teachers. I’m having a lot of fun and losing weight! Oh and today I learned that I couldn’t jump rope 20 years ago…..and I still can’t!

I give this game 4 out of 5 stars. My only reservation is the crappy soundtrack. The music is very MIDI like and just not my style. Maybe as I go on the music will get better 🙂 still, it’s a great game go get it.