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As most people who have stummbled across my blog over the last couple of years know I am a Chad Vader fan.  Chad is Darth Vaders younger brother who happens to work at a supermarket.  Very funny stuff.  My new job has kept me away from YouTube for quite a while now so I discovered today that there a lots of Chad videos that I have missed.  Running through them made for a very entertaining morning 🙂  So I just wanted to say thank you to Blame Society Productions for putting these great shows out!

Here is a link to the video’s up on YouTube…

Here is the URL to there actual site…

If your not farmiliar with Chad Vader, here is sample for you….

Short video on how to get busy….. good advice 🙂

Remember that rule of one person one vote? Check out your elected officials in action! 😦 This makes me really angry!!!!

I have been laughing at these spots on my dvd’s for a year or more. The real ones are pretty funny, albeit unintentionally. This one is a great parody of these spots…..

Wow is this funny! Thanks to my wife for sending it my way!

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