Hey there! Well it’s been a week since my last update. So how an I doing? Well so far so good. My weight is stable but I’m not working on that yet. I am sleeping much better and don’t feel nearly as stressed at work. All in all I feel in better health, so what’s next?

Since I was not dumb enough to try and fix everything at once I still have a long way to go to get to GZD 2.0 status. Food is my next deamon to fight. Lay week I started back on Weight Watchers. Boy I forgot how much I love tracking stuff, LOL.

For the last week I have been right on with my points. Well except for the weekend. Weekends are my achiles heel. During the week I eat in my work cafe. Portions are limited and I eat a salad every day. Now at home it’s mostly takeout or pizza joints. I have no will power with them. Well since I am getting serious about WW as step two of my plan this week I will just have to buckle down. Oh well 🙂

A week or two into WW I get to start the dreaded exercise in earnest. For now I to some situps, puships and avoid my work elevator……no real plan. I need a plan. On the plus side since it’s getting warmer I can get by without a gym if I try. Ok the down side….. I really hate exercise 😦 Alas, it can’t be avoided any longer since I’m still growing and not in a good way.

I’ll keep the updates coming, wish me luck!