Happy New Year!

Well hello to all two or three of you that still have me in your RSS feeds 🙂  It’s been months since I have been here as you know and I have been remiss.  Between job issues and family issues it has been a long few months.  But that’s neither here nor there; what’s going on now????

Well it’s the start of a new year.  I had a lot of good happen last year so I am looking forward to the new year in anticipation of good things continuing.  I am making plans for this blog, and the others that I have.  Blogging may work as stress relief from my job and that is something that I really need.  I am also formulating other “secret” plans that I will reveal as they unfold.  I am not making any resolutions this year but I will be revamping my goals list and see where that takes me and my family.

Here’s to wishing everyone good fortune in this new year!  I will be typing to you soon…….