No, it wasn’t mine…. I bet it wasn’t yours either.  Who had it?  Weeellllllllll the honor goes to a Scottish island that just got electricity.  No, I don’t mean that it was just restored, I mean JUST got it….. for the first time…. ever!  Wow, it’s time to party like it’s 1899!


Isle to emerge from dark ages in new year as Eiggtricity switched on

RESIDENTS of a Hebridean island are set to be switched on to mains power for the first time.

Some of the 87 people living on Eigg are planning to hold parties to celebrate the fact they will finally be able to use electric toasters and kettles.

The change will be part of one of the greenest power schemes in the country – a £1.5 million solar, wind and hydro generating station.

It had been hoped to get all the island’s residents connected to “Eiggtricity” – as it has been dubbed – before Christmas.

But weather and other commissioning issues have delayed the big switch-on until the new year.

Eigg’s newest resident, Saira Renny, whose cottage currently has bottled gas, said: “I will be literally coming out of the dark ages. Mains electricity is going to revolutionise life here – as well as cut power bills substantially. I’m going to have an electricity party.

She went on: “All the parts of the new system are working, but they could not be synchronised in time for Christmas. But in the next couple of weeks, when the workmen return, we should be celebrating the arrival of mains electricity, and nobody will be more pleased than me.”