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Mystery Science Theater 3000 has always been one of those shows…. you either really love it or just wish what ever satellite beaming it to Earth would blow up.  Me?  I always loved it 🙂

The first few seasons with Joel were definitely the best and now he’s coming back to the fold.  I have some very fond memories of watching him and his robots making fun of B movies every weekend during my college years.  No, intoxicants were not involved.  The show just clicked with my sense of humor, like Monty Python does.

I have to admit that they exposed me to movies I never would have seen and some I have even purchased over the years.  Two purchases that pop into my head are Plan 9 From Outer Space and Santa Clause Vs. the Martians.  I own both of them on VHS and DVD 🙂

I should put some of the MST3K DVD’s into my Netflix queue so I can expose my children to this true / pure form of nerdiness….. yeah, bet my wife will love that 🙂

The creator of Mystery Science Theater 3000 is returning to the movie-mocking business as captain of the Cinematic Titanic.

Joel Hodgson is reuniting with J. Elvis Weinstein (the original Tom Servo) and Trace Beaulieu (Crow T. Robot) to sink any B movies remaining afloat in the long-running cult TV show’s wake. The celluloid target of their inaugural Dec. 10 release: 1972 horror debacle Brain of Blood.

Hodgson and crew plan to mine the depths of the sci-fi and horror genres for movies that bear the special MST3K level of delightful god-awfulness. Rather than call the reunion a “show,” Hodgson described Cinematic Titanic as “a movie-riffing delivery system” that will keep loyal MST3K enthusiasts stocked with fresh laughs.

“History has been very kind to us,” Hodgson said. “We have a very loyal fan base, and every (MST3K) DVD set we release sells better than the previous one. Since the supply of those original episodes is finite, we wanted to give our fans something new that kept the spirit and the tone of the original show.”

The original MST3K started in 1988 on Minnesota television, then aired for a decade on various national cable channels. Created and initially hosted by Hodgson, the show endured a turnover of its entire cast before ending its run on the Sci Fi Channel in 1999. Earlier this year, the Sci Fi cast reunited to work on two separate MST3K-style satirical projects.

  OK, this guy does have a point, but still… come on it’s frigging Christmas, LOL.  I read this and almost fell out of my chair laughing… this is news!  I think they forgot to include the Grinch on that list 🙂

POLICE have warned families not to put presents under the Christmas tree — in case they attract burglars.

Cops say gifts should be kept hidden out of sight until just before it is time to open them.

Inspector Adam Jenner, of Avon and Somerset Police, said: “Putting the presents under the Christmas tree is an invitation to thieves.”

And empty boxes from expensive gifts should not be thrown out with household rubbish “as it shows burglars exactly what they could steal”.

The force also warns householders to beware of CAROL SINGERS — in case they are crooks in disguise.

Police Community Support Officer Richard Stamp said: “There are many genuine carol singers, but if you are in any doubt keep the door shut.

“Ensure when answering the door to strangers you confirm their identity and never leave the door open and unattended, even for a second.”

  Really.  w00t. How friggin sad is this?  Speaking as someone who holds a BA in English……… nah, I have no words, we’re just doomed.  Doomed I tell you… sigh.

“W00t,” a hybrid of letters and numbers used by gamers as an exclamation of happiness or triumph, topped all other terms in the Springfield-based dictionary publisher’s online poll for the word that best sums up 2007.

This best sums up 2007 ??????   Wow, really sad….

Paddington Bear will be arrested by police and interrogated over his immigration status, it emerged today. In a book marking his 50th birthday to be published next June the stowaway from Peru will be interviewed about his right to remain in England.

The appeal of Michael Bond’s Paddington books, which have sold more than 30 million copies and been translated into 30 languages, remains undiminished after half a century.

But Mr Bond, 83, was said to be reluctant at the prospect of writing his first novel about him for 29 years – unless he had a strong contemporary storyline.

This is what I want for Christmas!!!!


The battles of the original Star Wars trilogy provide the backdrop for four fast-paced games in this all-in-one Plug & Play controller. The Lightsaber Duel game allows you to recreate some of the most memorable and intense fight scenes from the films. The Assault on Hoth game pits the Rebel Alliance against the unstoppable Imperial Army’s ground forces. Take control of an X-Wing fighter as the Imperial Fleet attacks in waves of laser-blasting action in the Red Leader game. And in Battle of Endor, help Chewbacca destroy the Death Star generator on Endor, then take control of the Millennium Falcon and blast the receptor core to blow up the Emperor’s ultimate weapon. All 4 games are stored on the controller’s internal hard drive. No game console is necessary. Simply plug the unit’s RCA cable into any compatible TV, DVD player or monitor and let the Force be with you! Imported. Wipe clean.
* Includes: controller with RCA cable
* 4″w, 5″h, 4″d
* Plastic, metal, electronics
SKU: 14090955

Today’s Buddha’s Enlightenment Day (Rohatsu). To those of you that have never heard of this, here is a nice quick summary….

Rohatsu A day traditionally honored as the day of the Buddha’s enlightenment. While deep in meditation under a bodhi tree, he attained enlightenment upon seeing the morning star just at dawn; celebrated on the 8th day either of December or of the 12th month of the lunar calendar.  SOURCE

Today is the day that John Lennon was murdered by a “fan” in NYC.

Born: 10/9/1940
Birthplace: Liverpool, England

British singer, guitarist and harmonica player for The Beatles. After The Beatles broke up in 1970, Lennon launched a successful solo career, releasing Imagine (1971). Lennon was murdered outside his New York apartment building by Mark Chapman.

Died: 12/8/1980

If so, the police would like a word with him…

We shall Bam! no more…. well, ok at least not on TV. Emeril is going away on Dec. 11th. This is sad for me. He has inspired me to realy think about cooking so many times, not actually do it, but to think about it really hard 🙂 Emeril, alas we hardly knew you…. and now onto the reruns….


The bam!-tastic chef, whose Emeril Live! has served as the cornerstone of the cable net’s prime-time lineup for the past decade, will cease production on his long-running nightly cooking show on Dec. 11.

Unlike fellow celebrity chef Mario Batali’s tie-severing split from the network earlier this year, leftovers—er, reruns—of Lagasse’s show will continue to air. And despite ceasing production on the live show, he will continue to film new episodes of Essence of Emeril, his audience-free afternoon affair, “for the foreseeable future.”

LOL, is this picture awesome or what?