OK, this guy does have a point, but still… come on it’s frigging Christmas, LOL.  I read this and almost fell out of my chair laughing… this is news!  I think they forgot to include the Grinch on that list 🙂

POLICE have warned families not to put presents under the Christmas tree — in case they attract burglars.

Cops say gifts should be kept hidden out of sight until just before it is time to open them.

Inspector Adam Jenner, of Avon and Somerset Police, said: “Putting the presents under the Christmas tree is an invitation to thieves.”

And empty boxes from expensive gifts should not be thrown out with household rubbish “as it shows burglars exactly what they could steal”.

The force also warns householders to beware of CAROL SINGERS — in case they are crooks in disguise.

Police Community Support Officer Richard Stamp said: “There are many genuine carol singers, but if you are in any doubt keep the door shut.

“Ensure when answering the door to strangers you confirm their identity and never leave the door open and unattended, even for a second.”