We shall Bam! no more…. well, ok at least not on TV. Emeril is going away on Dec. 11th. This is sad for me. He has inspired me to realy think about cooking so many times, not actually do it, but to think about it really hard 🙂 Emeril, alas we hardly knew you…. and now onto the reruns….


The bam!-tastic chef, whose Emeril Live! has served as the cornerstone of the cable net’s prime-time lineup for the past decade, will cease production on his long-running nightly cooking show on Dec. 11.

Unlike fellow celebrity chef Mario Batali’s tie-severing split from the network earlier this year, leftovers—er, reruns—of Lagasse’s show will continue to air. And despite ceasing production on the live show, he will continue to film new episodes of Essence of Emeril, his audience-free afternoon affair, “for the foreseeable future.”