Well it happened. The day was finally here. Geek Squad just couldn’t resurrect my well loved and pretty reliable iPod. The defibrillator didn’t work and a 4 week coma commenced which ended in the inevitable flat line. Geek Squad said they truly understood my loss so it was a darn good thing that they had sold me the extended warranty. So with a sly smile, GS boy sent me over to the iPod counter.

As it turns out the warranty I had covered the price paid for my original iPod which was a huge surprise. Prices of iPods have come down just a tad in the last four years. So I let them keep my old friend a 4 year old, 40GB, 3rd Gen Black & White screen model and in return they gave me a brand spanking new 160GB iPod Classic which is color, displays videos and well….. it has an f’ing huge hard drive! Along with the pod I picked out a case and another 3yr warranty for good measure. I think it was a pretty fair trade πŸ˜€ Well, OK, I made out like a friggin bandit! Now I just need to keep my wife away from it or I may not have it for long πŸ™‚