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Santa Ana household recoups 35% of its income after ditching ailing auto for bicycles and greener lifestyle.


SANTA ANA – He didn’t set out to enter the Great Debate of our time. He stumbled onto it – with a crazy question.

In fact, Erick Cave expected his wife to reply: “Are you insane?”

As usual, he was driving her to work. As usual, their daughter and three dogs were riding in back. As usual, their 1987 Volvo was acting up. Again.

Last year, they dumped a couple grand into repairs. Then in January it cost another grand, which Jessica borrowed from her dad. Now, as they drove up Flower Street to the freeway, it was sputtering.

Great, thought Erick. What’ll it cost this time? He did some quick calculations, and that’s when the idea popped into his head. It sat there, grinning at him. Daring him.