I’m not sure if I should be grossed out or intrigued…… intrigued wins 🙂 Beer and doughnut ice cream to celebrate the premier of the Simpson’s movie. It’s a shame that Ben and Jerry’s will not be releasing it to the general public, they could have a hit on there hands!

The flavor, called Duff & D’oh-Nuts, is described by the company as a combination of chocolate and cream stout ice creams with glazed chocolate doughnuts. Homer Simpson, the overweight, dopey father in the longstanding popular Fox cartoon, has a penchant for beer and doughnuts.

The reactions Wednesday to the flavor by a handful of Springfieldians ranged from bemused to frightened.

“Wow,” said Lois Smith, a bookkeeper at the town office. “Nasty. Chocolate with cream stout beer? No. That’s just wrong.”

Normally, Smith said, she likes Ben & Jerry’s.

“I just don’t like beer in ice cream,” she said. “And doughnuts?”

However, Smith admitted she probably would try the flavor.

“I’d try anything,” she said.

Ron Hoffman, produce buyer at the Springfield Co-op, started laughing as the flavor was described to him. “I should have known,” he chuckled after hearing the word “doughnuts.” “It’s nothing I’d be interested in.”Hoffman, too, said he was a fan of the Vermont-based ice cream-maker.