Metallica now suspected of being terrorists….. wait, what? LOL, OK people, I truly think that all airport security just needs to step back and breathe for a second. Oxygen is good for the brain…. think people…. think….

Taleban-like beard’ sees Metallica frontman detained at airport

10:00AM Monday July 09, 2007

James Hetfield, frontman of US metal rockers Metallica, was detained at a British Airport before his appearance at London’s Live Earth gig on Saturday.

According to British newspaper The Times, the rocker jetted into Luton airport ahead of Saturday’s Live Earth concert at Wembley Stadium – where his legendary rock band was due to perform – but was halted by officials before he could leave the terminal.

The legendary frontman was then subjected to a brief line of questioning, after which security-conscious officials were left red-faced when Hetfield explained he was a member of a world-famous rock band.

The Times claims Hetfield’s friends blame his “Taleban-like beard” for the interrogation.