I was really bummed out when I heard the Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) was leaving Doctor Who after this season. She and the Doctor have a very good screen chemistry and they play off each other very well. I still haven’t seen the season finale yet so I’m not sure how it happens, but it has caused an uproar over in the UK. Well, to calm everyone, the BBC has posted a blurb abut her future.

Relax – she’s coming back, and branching out too…

While the final episode of Series Three, screened last Saturday , saw The Doctor’s companion Martha leave to care for her devastated family, and to break the cycle of unrequited love she feels for The Doctor, the production team has now confirmed that the character is set to make a triumphant return in the fourth series.

Freema Agyeman is also set to join the cast of Torchwood, where she will continue to play the character in three new episodes before returning to Doctor Who in the middle of the fourth series.

As Doctor Who’s Executive Producer and head writer, Russell T Davies notes: “Series three has gained outstanding reviews and Freema has been a huge part of that success, gaining rave notices for her portrayal of Martha. Now we are taking the character of Martha into brand new territory with a starring role in Torchwood”.

“I can’t wait to start filming on Torchwood and the new series of Doctor Who,” said Freema. “It’s a huge new challenge for me and I’m delighted Russell has decided to expand the character of Martha Jones.'”

The new announcement leaves a vacant space in the TARDIS. A new companion for The Doctor, who will join the new series for the entire 13 week run, will be announced shortly.

This is awesome news! Not only will she be back.. but moving to Torchwood! For me, that’s just as good as being on Doctor Who. Who for the campy fun.. Torchwood for the adult X-Files-ish experience. Both are great and I can’t wait for the upcoming season!