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Yeah, well, I have thought for a long time we were moving very rapidly towards a police state. There are just too many laws and too many ways to be put in jail or loose your drivers license. In fact last I heard there are over 1000 violations that are NOT motor vehicle related in NJ that can cause you to loose your license for six months or more.  Did you know you can loose your drivers license for not getting a dog tag?

As bad as I think it is getting around here, at least we don’t have the lawn police. Well, as far as I know we don’t. This poor guy in Michigan has gone to jail several times over the fact that he does not have a lawn. This is not his fault, he keeps re-sodding, but since he is “not in compliance” he keeps being sent to jail. Wow, that is just pure bull crap! Where is the ACLU when you need them?


WHITE CLOUD — A Newaygo County man could spend another weekend behind bars if he doesn’t take care of his yard.

David Burch says he tried to seed the yard last fall but it wouldn’t take root. This all stems from a contractor who failed to sod the yard in the first place. Now a judge is saying, do the yard or do the time.

“The people who work at the court, at the jail, thought it was funny,” Burch said. “They said there had to be more. I said, ‘No, it’s just because I don’t have grass growing.’ They said, ‘You’re in here for that?'”

He claims he is not skirting the law. Burch said the contractor for his new house is responsible for the lawn. But a White Cloud city ordinance states otherwise.

“This has been in the courts for over a year,” said White Cloud Police Chief Roger Ungrey. “I believe Mr. Burch has made an attempt. He did bring me in some receipts for grass seed.”

But when it didn’t grow, a county judge ordered the yard planted. It never happened. Again this April – no sprouts. Then, in jail, an inspiration. Burch is sodding his yard with donated turf.

“He has been working on it,” Ungrey said. “However, he remains to this day noncompliant.”

That is because the backyard must also be green.

But will the patchwork sod qualify as a lawn? “It’s not your normal sod that you would have, that you would go to a sod farm and purchase,” Ungrey told 24 Hour News 8. “So that remains to be seen. I can’t answer that question.”

Burch was back in court Thursday. The judge told him he has two weeks to complete the job. If not, it’s another weekend back in jail.

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1. What troubles you?  The fact that as a NJ resident I am in this hand basket…… and where are we going anyway? (not so obscure reference 🙂 , see Jim Gearhart on 101.5 )  Reference or no, I am pretty frustrated and even scarred of things I see everyday in this state.  Who ever is the last one to leave, please turn out the lights.

2. Do you like thunderstorms?  I love them!  They make for great photos too.

3. Do you sleep easily or toss and turn?  I toss and turn big time.  Just ask my wife 🙂  She hates the way I sleep.

4. What do you offer a friend?  Well, friendship 🙂  Oh and free pc/mac tech support and lots of chances to hear my opinions on anything and everything 🙂

5. Friday fill-in:
Please don’t ___. Expect me to know you changed the way we do something at work when A. I wasn’t in the meeting and B. you didn’t tell or email me about it.  Jackass, you know who you are!

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