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Wow, I just saw this pic and it’s sinking in. Yes they really ARE going through with the 4th Indy movie. After all the hemming and hawing, I thought it would never come about. But here was the proof I needed to truly believe that it wasn’t all a dream …..

1. Have any road trips planned? Yes, my wife and I are going to a wedding in Ohio. I think it will be an 8 hour drive or so.

2. What is out of your reach? Being out of debt. That will be a long time coming. 😦

3. Are you more likely to watch a sunset or the sun rise? Sunrise. I work at night 🙂

4. What night will you never forget? The night I proposed to my wife. We were in the same bookstore we met in and I drove her nuts! Right dear?

5. What’s the last thing that made you scream? The truck that almost ran me off the highway last night on the way into work. After laying on the horn he finally realized I was there and that I had nowhere to go. After I passed him he kept honking at me like it was my fault that he almost killed me. Sigh….