As my loyal readers will recall, I learned two weeks ago, that my division is being outsourced. It’s still vague… sometime between October and uuummm we’ll let you know. I predicted it would take a month for this place to spiral into mass confusion and apathy. I was wrong. Two weeks. That was it, just two weeks. How do I know? Well, my boss doesn’t call me anymore, he sends me text messages. That’s not a good sign. But what clinched it was pretty unexpected. I was walking into the main part of my building to use the restroom and heard beeping. Beeping? Huh? So I looked around a bit. There sat one of the supervisors playing on his Sony PSP. Not only did he not care that I saw him, he kept on playing while I chatted with him. AAahhhh, just great 🙂 Apathy? Bring it on baby!