Yeah, ok so it doesn’t. The US govt in there infinite wisdom decided to change it this year. This change screwed up tons of IT equipment and freaked out an entire industry. Thats ok, it’s all in the name of saving power. Most of my older electronics were screwed up until this week. I sucked it up, saving the environment is good. Well, ok it’s good if it works. It seems that we didn’t save a damn thing, all we did was throw lots of stuff into mass chaos and actually break a LOT of hardware. My company still has lots of servers that never came back from the Microsoft patch. Thanks guys 😦 GGGGGrrrrrrrrrrrr

Daylight Saving Change Saved No Power

“Results from energy companies are coming in, and the word is that moving Daylight Saving Time forward three weeks had no measurable impact on power consumption. The attempt by the US Congress to make it look like they were doing something about the energy crisis has been exposed as the waste it is. But the new DST is probably here to stay — letting the bill expire would mean re-patching a lot of systems again next year. So much for saving energy.”