Am I missing something here?  Were the soccer hooligans just bored this week?  People were actually this upset over…. Volleyball?????


A man has died and at least six people have been injured in a mass brawl between rival women’s volleyball fans near the Greek capital Athens.  

A pitched battle took place between fans of Olympiakos Piraeus and Panathinaikos in the Peania area. It was at a spot away from the stadium.

Witnesses say about 300 fans fought with clubs, knives and stones.

Police detained 18 people. Greek media reports suggested the fans had arranged the fight ahead of the match.  

The Greek news website Ekathimerini says a 22-year-old who was driving by at the time was stabbed in the leg by hooligans who attacked his car.

Doctors said the 25-year-old who died had head injuries and stab wounds.

Three shops and two cars were damaged in the fighting.

"They were jumping on our car for five minutes, they were asking for our cellphones and stabbed our driver," one witness was quoted as saying.