Authorities in New Jersey are considering making it an offense to send text messages while driving.

Under existing state laws, it is an offense to use a mobile phone while using the highway, but police may only pull someone over if they are breaking another road rule.

The proposed laws would allow police to stop someone just for using their phone, and offenders would be liable for a fine of between $100 and $250. Other states are understood to be considering similar measures.

Democratic Assemblyman Paul Moriarty said the bill had been drafted following research that found one in five drivers was happily crafting SMSs while motoring along the state’s highways. Among the 18to 24 age group, the figure rises to one in three, according to the survey which was carried out by Nationwide Insurance.

OK, now I can barley text message while sitting at my desk with the help of the T9 mode.  I text at a whopping 3 words a minute.  Is this really an issue?  Do people really text while driving?  The biggest question is WHY am I getting news for my home state from the UK??????????  I looked at all the online NJ websites and found nothing…. sigh