Earlier this week a study was published that said if you microwave sponges, you will kill all the germs in them. Now many people are concerned about stuff like this so the idea is great. In fact I was going to try it out this weekend too.

However, just two days later an amended report was published. Why? Well basically because people are morons. Seems that many people who tried this forgot one basic detail about microwaves. Dry things burn. Sigh…. seems people were putting in dry sponges and setting there microwaves on fire. Aaahhhh! Do we really need warnings on everything these days? I used to think no but I am changing my opinion fast! For example, that warning on hair dryers that says not to use in the shower. But after this, I can see why the lawyers do it, LOL.

Here is a link to the amended story up on CNN……