robotech.jpg Yes, I admit it. I have been watching cartoons lately. Surprised? Nah, of course your not 🙂 I have always had an on again off again love affair with anime. I love the stories, the concepts, character interaction and imagination of the Japanese culture. Most of the time the plot lines are much better than US movies with real people in them. On the downside, if I watch a few in a row with bad animation or dubbing/subs I will loose interest in them for a while.

Since my kid loves his cartoons, I have taken the geek father roll and started slipping good shows in between his cartoon Disney and Noggin shows. Ya know what? I have him hooked on Star Wars, Doctor Who and now, oh yeeesssss, on Robotech! He loves the space ships, robots and airplane like mecha. It’s only a short hop over to the Gundam world 😀 My poor wife! LOL