Let me just say thank you to the blog I saw this discussion at….. I can’t find the site again to give them credit, but they planted this into my head…..

Here is a question…. just how many soldiers does Bush really want to send into Iraq in the next campaign?  Is it 20,ooo soldiers?  In his public address last week he never actually said the word soldiers.  Why?  This seems to be the answer….. He doesn’t know and if he uses the word “troops” it’s pretty open ended.  Why? Well the word troop does not mean a soldiers, in fact it means a group of soldiers.  Huummmmm
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A troop is a military unit, originally a small force of cavalry, subordinate to a squadron and headed by the troop leader. Cavalry soldiers of private rank are called troopers (abbreviated Tpr., not troupers). Today, troop has different specific meanings in different armed forces.