plane.jpg  13 cent tickets?  Ummm where do I sign up?  Wait…. I DO want the plane to have gas right…. and I DO actually want to make it to my destination…. yes so here’s $325 up front….  so it seems that Spring Airline in China was fined for going below the minimum price on airline tickets.  Now, I’m not one for price fixing.  You should be able to charge any price you like for a product but I think 13 cents may be a tad low, lol.

Link to orig article……

BEIJING, China (AP) — A Chinese budget airline that sold tickets for as little as 13 U.S. cents has been fined for violating government price controls, a news report said Monday.

A Spring Airlines subsidiary was fined 150,000 yuan ($20,000; €15,000) for violating rules that limit discounts on government-set ticket prices, the official Xinhua News Agency said.

Spring’s Jinan Spring Holiday Travel Agency sold 400 tickets on flights between Shanghai and the eastern city of Jinan for 1 yuan (13 cents; 10 euro cents), the report said. They accounted for 10 percent of seats on Spring’s flights from November 30 to December 10.

A regular one-way ticket on that route costs 910 yuan ($116; €88), including taxes.

Chinese airlines are barred from offering discounts of more than 45 percent on the government-set price, said an official of the Jinan Price Bureau, who would give only his surname, Tang.