firefly.jpg This is awesome… At the last minute, as in the night before, a Firefly Con was canceled this week. Many people think it was a scam since a lot of people lost a lot of money. Well it seems that since the con folk had there hotel rooms they went anyway just to go. Big surprise for them…. the cast of Firefly showed up at the hotel and partied till the wee hours with them! That is really cool. The cast and crew didn’t want to see there fans get screwed over so they helped out. Just wish my wife and I had gone, but we are on the wrong coast for that…..


Serenifly cast turn up to cancelled convention. There’s no simpler way of putting this. Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Mark Sheppard, Jonathan Woodward, Christina Hendricks and Adam Baldwin have all turned up and are partying with fans at the hotel bar into the night at the cancelled convention Flanvention. These actors? I don’t have the words. An update: there’s a lovely LiveJournal entry with photos and recaps of what happened with the actors last night here from Whedonesque’s embers. More photos.