I say that with love! New Doctor Who saga info for those of you in the UK or those just happen to (ehhemmm sorry had to clear my throat there) be flying over to tape the shows and then come right back like many people I know 😉 Here is the schedule of the traditional Christmas programs…… Source Slice of SciFi Go visit them for ALL your Sci-Fi needs!

Doctor Who/Torchwood/Sarah Jane Adventures Christmas Schedule – UK

By Sam on Torchwood

Source: Outpost Gallifrey

250px-jackharkness.jpgschoolreunion1.jpgFor you lucky buggers living in the UK (US does get a livestream on some programming on Satellite Radio) the BBC has released detailed schedule information for the period from December 23, 2006 through January 5, 2007, indicating when episodes of Torchwood, the Doctor Who Christmas special, and the Sarah Jane Adventures episode will air. For fans in the UK, here is the schedule (assuming nothing else gets added):

  • Christmas Eve 9:30PM and 3:10AM BBC Three – Torchwood episode 11 – Combat (repeats 26 December 10:30PM and 1:50AM, 29 December 9PM and 1:30AM, 30 December 10:35PM and 1:45AM on BBC Three) (repeats 27 December 10PM on BBC Two)
  • Early Christmas Day 4AM BBC Three – Torchwood Declassified episode 11
  • Christmas Day 1PM BBC One – Doctor Who Confidential – Music and Monsters
  • Christmas Day 4PM to 7PM GMT BBC Radio 1 – Jo Whiley Meets Doctor Who (Radio 1 is streamed live on the internet and the programme can be heard for 7 days afterwards. Radio 1 can also be heard on Satellite Radio in the US on a 5 hour time delay – 4 to 7PM EST, 1 to 4PM PST.)
  • Christmas Day 7PM BBC One – Doctor Who – The Runaway Bride – 1 hour Christmas episode, first episode of the 3rd Series production schedule. 13 more 45 minute episodes will air in 2007.
    (repeats 27 December 8PM and 2 January 7PM on BBC Three)
  • New Years Eve 6PM & Midnight GMT BBC 7 – Doctor Who – Blood Of The Daleks, pt 1 of 2 – first of 8 new 50 minute radio plays produced by Big Finish, starring Paul McGann as the 8th Doctor. The plays are premiering on the radio before getting CD releases. As with BBC Radio 1, BBC 7 can be heard live on the internet and shows can be heard for 7 days afterwards.
  • New Years Day 4:50PM BBC One – The Sarah Jane Adventures – Invasion Of The Bane – one hour special previewing a 2nd spinoff series from Doctor Who. Torchwood was adult oriented, Sarah Jane Adventures is childrens oriented. 10 more 30 minute episodes will air in 2007.
  • New Years Day 9:30PM and 1:05AM BBC Three – Torchwood episodes 12+13 combined – Captain Jack Harkness/Apocalypse. The last 2 episodes of Series 1 air together as a special.
    (repeats 2 January 10:30PM and 1:35AM on BBC Three.) (repeats 3 January 9PM on BBC Two)
    (Captain Jack Harkness airs as a standalone episode on 4 January at 9PM and 1AM on BBC Three.) (Apocalypse airs as a standalone episode on 5 January at 9PM and 12:30AM on
    BBC Three.)
  • Late New Years Day 2:40AM BBC Three – Torchwood Declassified episodes 12+13
    combined (episode 12 airs by itself on 4 January at 9:50PM on BBC Three.) (episode 13 airs by itself on 5 January at 9:50PM on BBC Three.)