ihop.jpg So what would you do? Seems this guy went into his local IHOP for some pancakes, normal so far. To get put on the waiting list they wanted his id. Being a past victim of identity theft he did only logical thing and said no. They refused to seat him.

“‘You want my license? I’m going for pancakes, I’m not buying the Hope diamond,’ and they refused to seat us,” Russo said, recounting his experience this week at the Quincy IHOP.   “Identity theft is rampant. I wouldn’t want to give my license, with my address or Social Security number to anyone that I’m not familiar with,” Russo said. “I’m going just for breakfast.”

Ummm so what are they looking for terrorists at the local egg joint? This is asinine. Never provide id to a place that doesn’t need it… i.e. your bank, your lawyer, things like that. IHOP I got your terror right here…..


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