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legs.jpeg OK, I’m a guy. There’s a lot in this world I don’t understand, mostly due to the previous statement. When it comes to women I continue to be amazed at their secret world. Well here’s a new on on me. I heard a radio spot for a clinic in Brooklyn that offers a rather odd service. It’s called a Hymenoplasty.

It seems for years (30 or so in the US) women have been getting this odd plastic surgery procedure done. I googled it, it’s real. Wikipedia even has an entry! Where the heck have I been? Seems that women are having their hymens reattached and becoming “virginal” again. Uuummmmmmm what?

This has got to be the most asinine thing I have ever heard. Why would you risk surgery and spend several thousand dollars for a 30 second “gift”? OK, this just makes no sense to me…… Honey, if your reading this… please don’t…. no really, don’t!
(Dec. 15, 2005) — For her 17th wedding anniversary, Jeanette Yarborough wanted to do something special for her husband. In addition to planning a hotel getaway for the weekend, Ms. Yarborough paid a surgeon $5,000 to reattach her hymen, making her appear to be a virgin again.

“It’s the ultimate gift for the man who has everything,” says Ms. Yarborough, 40 years old, a medical assistant from San Antonio. (Ms. Yarborough is a patient of Dr. Hailparn’s. Watch Ms. Yarborough, her husband, another patient and Dr. Hailparn discuss hymenoplasty, labioplasty and laser vaginal rejuvenation. Click here to watch video)

Hymenoplasty, a controversial medical procedure known mostly for its prevalence in the Middle East and Latin America, is becoming popular in the U.S. Although there are no hard data, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons says vaginal surgery, including hymenoplasty, is one of the industry’s fastest-growing segments. Gynecologists are marketing hymenoplasty in magazines, local newspapers and online. They report business is booming.

Restoring innocence this way has sparked criticism. Religious groups that value abstinence until marriage say hymen repair is a deception. Some feminists liken hymenoplasty to female genital mutilation. In addition, hymen repair, unlike other types of reconstructive surgery, isn’t taught in medical residencies. Some medical associations worry that surgeons might be improperly trained.

About Hymenoplasty and the hymen restoration procedures:

Most surgeons only perform hymenoplasty or hymen repair (hymen restoration surgery) at the request of someone who needs the surgery for ethnic, cultural, or religious reasons. Also, most surgeons will not perform hymenoplasty surgery in a woman who has given birth.
Hymeonplasty Cost:

Depending on your geographic location and choice of surgeon the price
of hymenoplasty may range between $2500 – $4500.

vodka.jpeg It’s war between the purists and the flavorists!  Tradition vs Creativity!  Guy’s can’t we all just get along? Does there really have to be a “Vodka War“? Yes pure vodka is good… OK it’s one of the best man made substances out there. But as a vodka drinking red blooded American (with no taste many will say) I believe in variety. Variety is what keeps us going on many days. There’s nothing wrong with vodka made from non-traditional ingredients. In fact, I encourage it! Now where’s that dang bottle of maple syrup vodka? Mmmmuuummmmmm maple syrup 🙂