purse.jpg  How can designers justify charging $600 or more on a purse?  It’s just leather and stitching like the $20 one down at the local discount store.  What about the $200 pen my boss has or $150 pair of sunglasses my buddy has?  Yeah they look nice but what makes these things worth that much?  I don’t get it.  Someone at work tried to justify it to me today as she just purchased a $150 purse for her mother for Christmas.  But I still don’t get it.

How much is a designer name really worth and who decided that those particular names mean more money?  It seems people pay too much attention to the celebs…. “hey if Paris has it well, it must be good!”  I wish people would be a little more frugal in their purchases and donate the excess to people who can use it.  The homeless or even the “working poor” who can’t pay all their bills and still eat in the same month would be great candidates to receive the money then Gucci or D&G.

There are so many more ways to use the money more effectively.  Buying overpriced items when there is a lower priced version that is usually the same quality or even better just seems wrong to me.  Am I just being naive?  I hope not, I would like to believe that there are people out there that see things this way…..