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Amnesty International USA

Renova Black Toilet Paper No, toilet paper doesn’t have to be boring. Renova Black Toilet Paper sure isn’t. A big hit in Europe for years, it has finally made its way to America. Discover today a stylish & unique product for all your cleansing needs and dirty deeds. Three stylish black toilet paper rolls in a uniquely designed tube. The perfect gift for a hard to gift hostess.

Renova Colors are comprised of soft, elegant 3-ply, fragrance bath tissue paper that has been tested under dermatological and gynecological control. It is a biodegradable, non-toxic, soothing tissue and does not bleed any color when wet. Renova Colors luxury bath tissue complies with all US and European health/code requirements. Renova only uses ECF and TCF pulps (Elementary Chlorine Free and Totally Chlorine Free, respectively). Renova Colors is made of 100% biodegradable, virgin pulp and it is entirely recyclable.

Have old paperbacks?  Want new stuff to read?  Hate throwing things away?  WWWeeeeelllllll head on over to PaperbackSwap and sign up.  This is a great site that let’s you swap books all over.  I have found this useful for when I am trying to find older or out of print books.  I have had many successful trades and highly recommend the site! 

ipod.jpg“I don’t own an iPod. I would never wear an iPod… If this is your primary focus in life – the machines… it’s going to have a staggeringly negative effect, all of this, for America… did you ever talk to these computer geeks? I mean, can you carry on a conversation with them? …I really fear for the United States because, believe me, the jihadists? They’re not playing the video games. They’re killing real people over there.”

Wow, now there’s a leap in logic… LOL

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Giveaway of the Day is a cool new site for freebies. Every day, a new software app is posted for your enjoyment. The catch is you only have 24 hours to download it before it’s replaced by another one. These are not trials of shareware, they are live applications and fully usable forever 🙂 Viva la freebie!

Wow, Amazon is listing ALL the cool toys this year! First phallic Dora and now a tattoo gun for kids! Dora, well, not so sure about that one… but the tattoo gun? SWEET! It’s listed as “not avail”, but when it does become available, I just might get it for the Boy. Hey even if he doesn’t like it, it would be educational and he would finally know how Daddy got his turtle 🙂

GR8 TaT2 Maker
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