ce.jpgOK, I was very depressed over my last post. But on the same day I heard that really bad news, I also heard this really good news 🙂 Christopher Eccelston is going to be on Heroes! As most people know, I am a huge Doctor Who fan and by proxy, I like the shows that Doctor Who alumni show up in. Well, I was jonesing waiting for Eccelston to show up (hopefully as it is still a rumor) in the BBC remake of The Prisoner and lo and behold I won’t have to wait as long to see him again 🙂

Heroes is a pretty cool show. I have not seen all the episodes, but I have seen most of them and it is getting better each time that I catch it. NBC is getting a huge following which is enabling them to pull some sci-fi icons on board. First Sulu form Star Trek (George Takei) and now the Doctor himself! This truly is becoming “Must See TV” 🙂