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15 ways to annoy a metalhead:

1. Tell them every metal band worships the devil.
2. Ask if all black metal bands are trying to copy KISS or just most of them.
3. If they’re listening to metal, tell them it sounds like some mainstream band. Doesn’t matter who.
4. Turn the bass way up on their stereo.
5. Ask if they’ve given their souls to Jesus yet.
6. If they’re listening to metal, tell them “These guys don’t have talent. Now (insert any mainstream band here), those guys have talent!”
7. Tell them it all sounds the same.
8. Tell them you like underground music too, like (insert the newest overhyped fashionable loud-ish band from the radio).
9. Point out that just about every genre of music has an underground with bands who have integrity, so metal really isn’t that unique.
10. Take out the Iron Maiden disc and put in 50 Cent.
11. Tell them Korn brought metal back to life in the 90s.
12. Laugh at Slayer for stealing their name from the Buffy show.
13. Remind them that metal is partially derived from the blues. Then accuse them of being wiggers.
14. Pine for the good old days when ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ was a big hit.
15. Tell them that Bon Jovi was the heaviest out of all of them.